Hi, I'm Rachel!

I am the Founder and Director of Motion Composers. 

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I founded Motion Composers in 2019 as a way to bring the convention experience to your dance studio, increasing opportunities and affordability for dancers to train with professionals in the industry right in their hometown.

As a choreographer and dance instructor, I have an appreciation for the growth my students experience from dance conventions. I recognize the increase in drive, performance, and technical growth my students gain from training with professionals that they don't learn from on a weekly basis.

Money doesn't grow on trees, but money shouldn't stop you from growing. I want every dancer to have equal opportunities to hone their craft. Motion Composers helps dancers of all walks of life train in the comfort of their own studio.

Dance conventions have a lot of different financial factors. Travel, hotel, meals, etc. Motion Composers offers an experience close to home that DOESN'T include those expense categories. Motion Composers Dance Intensives are customized for your dancers. Who knows what they need more than you?

Do your dancers need to work on their choreography retention? Tap tricks? Contemporary partnering? Choreo workshopping? You name it, let us know! We will present you with our faculty recommendations and let YOU make the decisions!